What is IPS Glow And How Can I Reduce It?

IPS monitors are considered the best monitors because of their high color accuracy, above-average response time, and wide viewing angles. However, they also come with a drawback which is called IPS glow.

IPS glow can be observed around the corners of IPS monitors when viewed from different angles. The advantages of the IPS monitor outweigh this flaw and most of the time it is not even noticeable without the IPS glow test.

The IPS glow must not be confused with backlight bleeding which is a common monitor defect. We will discuss the details and repercussions of IPS glow in this guide.

What IPS glow is not?


IPS glow is often confused with backlight bleeding, although both of these flaws are very different and not relevant to one another.

Backlight bleeding is a common monitor defect that leaks the backlight from the edges of the monitor. Monitors often suffer from backlight bleeding after long-term usage or if they are used roughly.

There is no solution to resolve backlight bleeding. If your monitor faces severe backlight bleeding, then you will have no other option but to replace the monitor.

How to check if a monitor has IPS glow?

If you can observe visible glowing at the corners of your IPS monitor then it can be termed as IPS glow. However, to ensure that it is an IPS glow you can conduct an IPS glow test.

There are various online tools that allow you to conduct an IPS glow test. You can search these tools online and use them.

Otherwise, you can simply open a pitch-black image, increase the brightness of your monitor or reduce the ambient light.

IPS glow is more visible in darker rooms and with high brightness. Moreover, they will be only visible from specific viewing angles.

So, if you are using the IPS monitor as your primary monitor and sitting at the front, it might not be visible to you, but a person looking at it from the side angle may observe it.

You can also use our tool to check Ips Glow at https://backlightbleedtest.com/

Should you use the monitor suffering from IPS glow?

Whenever you purchase a new monitor, you must conduct a series of tests to ensure the monitor is in excellent condition. If your brand new monitor has an IPS glow problem, then you can claim a replacement.

However, if you have observed IPS glow at a later stage when the warranty is no longer valid, then it depends on the intensity of the IPS glow.

If the IPS glow is not visible while sitting in front of the monitor, it means that the intensity is very low. You won’t be able to observe it while using the monitor normally.

Hence, it would not affect the visual performance of your IPS monitor. You can play games, watch movies and work on your professional tasks without suffering from IPS glow.

That means, the IPS glow will only be observable during the IPS glow test. However, if the intensity increases, then you will need to take certain measures.

Can IPS glow get worse?

Yes, the IPS glow can get worse with time. If you are not careful with your monitor, then you might end up increasing the IPS glow intensity, which will ruin the visuals of your monitor.

If the IPS glow gets worse, the corners of your monitor will show a distorted image. The unsightly visuals at the corners can end up ruining your gaming or entertainment experience.

If you have observed minor IPS glow, but have continued to use the monitor at high brightness, or have rubbed the panel hardly trying to reduce it, you will only end up causing more harm to the monitor.

Can you reduce IPS glow?

Yes, up to a certain point, the IPS glow can be reduced. However, you cannot resolve it 100%, since it is a common drawback which is faced by IPS monitors.

The intensity of the IPS glow will vary with each monitor because all panels are different. Even in the same model monitors, the IPS glow will vary.

If you have observed IPS glow in your monitor, you can take the following steps to prevent the IPS glow from spreading, and reduce it to a bearable stage.

Lower the Brightness


Never use the monitor at full brightness, regardless of whether you have IPS glow or not.

Using the monitor at full brightness for a long time and leaving it like so even when not in use can cause harm to your monitor panel. Lower brightness can reduce the intensity of IPS glow.

Increase Ambient Light

The IPS glow is more visible in darker rooms. Hence, increasing the ambient light in the room will diminish their visibility. So, open the curtains to increase natural light in the room and the IPS glow will diminish.

Adjust the Angle


IPS glow is only visible from limited angles on the monitor. Hence, changing the angle of the monitor will also reduce it considerably. You can try sitting a bit further away or tilting the angles of the monitor to reduce the glow.

Using a Microfiber Cloth

You can also try to diminish the IPS glow by using a microfiber cloth. Here are the steps to reduce the IPS glow by using a microfiber cloth.

  • Turn off the monitor and let it cool down for a few minutes.
  • Gently rub the corners of the monitor using the microfiber cloth.
  • Turn the monitor back on and see if the IPS glow is diminished.

Remember, you must rub the areas gently. Rubbing it hard can increase the intensity of the IPS glow.

Loosening the Panel

If the monitor is not in warranty and the IPS glow has gotten worse, then one final and risky option before getting a new monitor is unscrewing and loosening the panels.

This is a very risky and not-very-reliable method of reducing the IPS glow. Loosen the screws at the back of your monitor.

Some tech-geeks also suggest separating the panels a bit using a swipe card or credit card but we do not recommend that.

Remember to turn off the monitor and let it cool down before trying this method. It might work and save you the cost of a new monitor for a little longer.

Get a New Monitor

If nothing mentioned above works, you cannot claim the warranty. Then you have no other option than to purchase a new IPS monitor.

If you want to avoid IPS glow altogether, then you can purchase non-IPS monitors. There is a variety of other monitors in the market.

You can go with VA monitors for higher contrast and better image quality. However, the response time of VA monitors will be a bit slower.

Although IPS glow seems like an annoying issue, it is outweighed by the numerous benefits of IPS monitors.

  1. What does IPS glow mean?

    IPS glow is a common drawback of an IPS monitor. If you are observing a glow at the corners of your IPS monitor, it can be termed an IPS glow. It is not considered a defect and there are certain ways to work around it. We have shared a detailed guide above to deal with it.

  2. Is IPS glow the same as backlight bleed?

    No, these two are completely different. Although IPS glow is often confused with backlight bleed, it is not similar. The IPS glow only happens in the corners and its intensity increases with a change in angle, which is dissimilar to backlight bleeding.

  3. Is IPS glow normal?

    Yes, minor IPS glow is a commonly occurring issue in IPS monitors. The issue is a common flaw of IPS monitors. However, the IPS monitors are considered one of the best and their numerous benefits outweigh this minor flaw.

  4. How to avoid IPS glow?

    You can avoid IPS glow altogether by getting a non-IPS monitor. The VA panel monitors do not have an IPS glow issue. You can also go with OLED monitors which although expensive, offer the best features with no flaws whatsoever.

  5. How to reduce IPS glow?

    There are some methods that can help you diminish the IPS glow. However, the issue cannot be resolved 100%. You can reduce the brightness, increase ambient light, change the angle or use a microfiber cloth to reduce the IPS glow.

  6. Does IPS glow only occur in IPS monitors?

    Yes, the IPS glow only occurs in IPS monitors. It is a drawback that most IPS monitor users have to face. However, the issue is not normally intense and is not even observable without the IPS glow test.

Some Last Words

IPS glow is a common flaw of IPS monitors. Normally the issue is not even observable and can only be noticed with an IPS glow test. However, once the issue is observed, it can get intense. There are plenty of methods to prevent it from getting intense. We have shared a detailed guide above discussing all aspects of IPS glow. We hope the guide is helpful to you.

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